Does 1 Second Really Matter?

Occasionally I have been asked to justify why anyone in retail would need engineered labor standards. The arguments go something like,

• “Does one second vs one and a half seconds really make a difference?”
• “Most scheduling systems round labor anyway”
• “At the end of the day, operators have to schedule to the budget, not to labor standards”.

The basis of these questions is probably related to a bad experience trying to implement a pile of over-engineered labor standards that were handed off with little context or considerations for the end use. I know this because it happened to me back in my workforce management software implementation days. I have seen over engineering and incomplete labor engineering — typically from consulting firms whose primary services are focused elsewhere.

Labor standards should not be thought of as over-engineered time studies that split the hairs of time and are not compatible with environments that operate more fluidly. They are precise and accurate calculations, true, but in retail practice they should be viewed as a means to a more operationally productive end.

Engineered labor standards are the basis for achieving operational excellence. They are about understanding the workload required to effectively and efficiently operate your stores to make your workforce more productive. The information and insight they provide can lead to substantial gains in labor savings and lead to increased profitability. In most cases our clients are able to reinvest savings from inefficient tasking work to customer service and selling. Labor standards can also help make workforce management scheduling systems more accurate and work toward sharpening the budget – not blowing it.

So back to the original question – “Does one second really matter?” The answer is that you are asking the wrong question. The question should be, “Do labor standards really improve my operations?” The answer to that question, that we have seen over and over again across our clients, is emphatically “YES!”.

More to come on operational excellence and top-line growth…..

Reflexis Systems, Inc. and Connors Group Partner to Bring Operational Efficiency to Retailers

Reflexis and Connors Group Partner to Help Retailers Enhance Workforce Productivity, Improve Associate Engagement, and Provide the Best Possible Customer Service.

NRF Big Show 2017

Reflexis: Booth #1521

Connors Group: Booth #936

DEDHAM, Mass. and PITTSBURGH, Penn, January 4, 2017: Reflexis Systems, Inc. today announced a partnership with global retail management consulting firm Connors Group. Together, Reflexis and Connors Group will help retailers across all verticals, including grocery, QSR, convenience, specialty, big box, and apparel, achieve significantly faster return on investment and drive cultural adoption leading to sustained benefits throughout the organization. Through more comprehensive implementations, Retailers will enable their teams to enhance the store experience for customers and improve store operations.

“Connors Group partners with retailers every step of the way; helping assess their challenges, implement solutions, and optimize their technology suites,” says Chris Kelly, Director, Connors Group. “Through our partnership with Reflexis, we’ll help retailers understand the benefits and ROI of implementing Reflexis workforce management and real-time store operations software, provide expertise in project management and labor standards, and help retailers continue to extract additional value from their solutions over time.”

“I have been continually impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge, and expertise that Connors Group has brought to every interaction,” says Brett Walker, Vice President, Global Alliances and Solution Consulting, Reflexis Systems. “It’s exciting to formalize a partnership with such a reputable and trustworthy company. Our joint efforts will be focused on helping retailers obtain the highest levels of benefits from our world-class solutions.”

About Connors Group
Founded in 2008, Connors Group is a global retail management consulting firm with deep experience across all retail verticals including grocery, QSR, convenience, specialty, big box, and apparel. We partner with leading retailers to improve and sustain operational efficiencies, workforce performance, customer experience, associate engagement, and top-line sales.

Our dedicated team of experienced consultants has its roots in workforce improvement, possesses extensive field experience, and is credited with developing cutting edge workforce management tools and proven methodologies for long-term operational success. We build trusted partnerships and often serve as an extension of our clients’ teams for ongoing project work.

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About Reflexis Systems, Inc.
Reflexis is the pioneer in real-time store operations and workforce management solutions that enable retailers to carry out their customer engagement strategy flawlessly and uncover profit. The Reflexis platform of real-time store operations, task management, KPI/compliance, time and attendance, and labor scheduling (including budgeting, forecasting, and employee self-service) enables retailers to align store labor/activities to corporate goals and institutionalize best-practice response to real-time metrics and alerts.

For the past 15 years, more than 200 of the world’s best companies in multiple vertical categories such as retail, hospitality, and Quick Serve Restaurants have reported dramatic improvements in compliance with corporate strategies; higher productivity of corporate, field, and store employees; and increased revenue and profitability after implementing Reflexis workforce management and real-time store operations solutions. Reflexis StorePulse® (patent pending) synchronizes activities with real-time KPIs, alerts, and customer demand. Stores, hotels, and restaurants can systemically implement best practices to provide a greater quality of customer engagement, leading to higher revenues.

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