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Back-In-The-Box Thinking: How will retailers address the customer experience after re-opening in a restricted reality? [Free Whitepaper]

The COVID-19 virus has disrupted lives and economies around the world in an unprecedented fashion. While the initial deadly outbreak was dealt with relatively decisively and rapidly, the world is now experiencing “quarantine fatigue” in a real, tangible way. We’ve put together our thoughts in a 26 page Free Whitepaper. To access, click here. (no […]

Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Life seems to have paused. Connors Group, like many small businesses across the country, has all but eliminated travel. We are fortunate enough to be able to do much of our client work remotely. But strategic consulting is ultimately at its best when conducted face-to-face. We are sitting in front of our computers, hosting remote […]

New Overtime Eligibility Threshold Warrants Discussion

Overtime is tricky…To prove that an employee is exempt from overtime, companies must prove several thresholds. In an article released in the Wall Street Journal on December 28 titled “More Workers Eligible for Overtime Pay in 2020”, Sarah Chaney and Eric Morath correctly point out that one of the tests that apply to overtime eligibility […]

CNBC Gets It Wrong About Bricks vs. Clicks

CNBC.com recently published an article titled “Online Shopping officially overtakes brick-and-mortar for the first time ever.” By Kate Rooney. Obviously, I was intrigued enough to read the article which quoted data from the Department of Commerce and analysis from Bespoke investment Group. They looked at the penetration of sales to determine that for the first […]

RILA 2019 Link Conference Recap

On February 24-27, 2019 The Retail industry Leaders Association (RILA) held their annual conference in Orlando, Florida. As a first-time attendee, I found that the conference delivered on its promise of engaging topics. There are a couple of themes and three specific sessions that I found particularly impactful. In terms of themes, the one topic […]

Is Black Friday Relevant Anymore?

A week from today, we will be inundated with stories, images and videos of long lines and frantic masses grappling over the latest tech gadgets and door busters. There is no doubt that big box retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy still rely on this “tradition” to drive traffic, interest and excitement with the […]

The New Reality: Part 3 – Resistance Is Futile

The New Reality of retail has dramatic implications on the operating model for brick-and-mortar locations. As industry differentiators of convenience and selection become irrelevant, stores must be repurposed to support the omnichannel experience. This means that the role of the store and the associates must change, and the management techniques, including metrics and incentives, must […]

The New Retail Reality: Part 2 – Disruption

Over the past several years, the Retail industry has undergone significant disruption. The retail industry cannot continue to operate as if it has separate channels. Customers no longer find value in shopping that way and will avoid retailers who persist in forcing them to shop “the way it’s always been done.” The integration of online […]

The New Retail Reality: Part 1 – Get Over It.

A Reexamination of The Customer Buying Cycle in the Omni-Channel World Over the course of the last several years, one of the most-discussed topics in the economic world has been that of the “Retail Apocalypse.” The theory goes that the Amazon Effect has diluted brick-and-mortar retail sales to the point where many retailers cannot maintain […]

Too few Clerks in the store? How do you know?

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article by Suzanne Kapner that highlighted a significant problem in retail today… Too few Clerks. As stores continue to cut labor costs, it appears many retailers have gone too far. Ms. Kapner does a good job of illustrating the symptoms of the situation and offers some different alternatives […]