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Conversion – The KPI for the New Retail World

The traditional retail performance metric of comp store sales (year over year results for stores open at least one year) may no longer be the best metric to measure store performance. Customers increasingly shop across channels and embrace online shopping. Store closings compress sales into a smaller population of stores. “Comp sales” is, at best, […]

Eight Steps to a Successful Retail Labor Scheduling Implementation

As brick and mortar retailers are under siege by online competition, the criticality to have an engaged, trained, and effectively scheduled workforce has never been higher. Despite the ubiquitous technology being infused into stores, a retailer’s workforce is the best weapon to differentiate the brand and to drive customer satisfaction and sales. Many retailers have […]

Will Cashless Retail Really be a Thing?

There is an emerging trend in retail that would have seemed implausible not too long ago. Many of you have already observed this or will soon experience it on your own. Retailers and other business owners are politely telling their customers that “your cold, hard, cash, will no longer be accepted as a form of […]