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ProMat 2019 Takeaways

ProMat 2019 is where manufacturing and supply chain innovation comes to life, in person and in action.    As the trend towards eCommerce and direct-to-consumers continues to increase, so does the attendance and size of ProMat.  This year was a record breaking 45,000 attendees.  ProMat was the place to see all the current trends and […]

7 Questions to Ask When Thinking About Installing Individual Incentives in Your Warehouse

With the increased difficulties of finding qualified labor for warehouse operations, many companies are turning to options that increase the productivity of their existing labor force.  One common way of doing this is to offer monetary incentives for the warehouse workforce.  Not only does this drive increased throughput and lower cost per unit, but it’s […]

Current Trends and Business Challenges in Supply Chain Labor – Part 2: Optimizing the Workforce

Last week, we explored the business challenges and trends in supply chain labor. In part 2, let’s take a deeper look at how companies are addressing those challenges. Best-In-class supply chains are addressing workforce challenges by taking a comprehensive approach to their labor strategy… When observing workforce optimization in warehouse and distribution centers, we can […]

Current Trends and Business Challenges in Supply Chain Labor – Part 1

Last week, several Connors Group Consultants were in Chicago for the JDA Autonomous Supply Chain and Workforce Labor Summit. As a sponsor of the event, we were very pleased with the turnout and content. The speakers presented case studies and industry insight that helped frame deeper conversations with our industry peers and clients. During our […]

The importance of integrating Labor and Workforce Management Systems

As Omni-channel continues to blur the lines between Distribution Centers and Retail, forward-thinking companies are beginning to leverage labor and workforce technologies outside their ‘traditional’ environments. Under intense pressure from eCom giants, customer expectations and demands, retail stores continue their evolution toward becoming fulfillment, distribution and return processing centers. Labor Management Systems (LMS), which were […]

Crawl-Walk-Run to Distribution Labor Management Success

Crawl-Walk-Run to Labor Management Labor Management System (LMS) implementations are often considered a technical challenge.  Often overlooked, however, is the cultural change component that requires a patient, phased implementation approach.  LMS implementations require IT integration and engineering effort to ‘go-live’, but what sets them apart from other technology enablers is that they are truly a […]