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Moves to Maximize Labor Productivity

Managers are tasked with making sure that their employees are doing their jobs at peak performance. From an operational management position, macro management must be utilized to maximize productivity. The largest concept that a successful operations manager needs to grasp is engineered labor standards. This simply means a defined time value that represents a team’s peak […]

How POS Big Data Can Change Your Business

While everyone in retail management is familiar with the cliché “Knowledge is power,” they don’t always realize the information they have access to. Point-of-Sale information, for instance, is your best retail consultant when it comes to customer and marketing information. The insight from this information can completely change everything, from advertisement campaigns to operating hours. […]

RFID: Is it Right for You and Is it Time?

RFID is a very divisive technology, with companies weighing the benefits of its automated potential against the potential privacy concerns involved. In reality, most of the original privacy concerns are no longer relevant, but companies are still wondering: Is RFID right for us? While the answer varies from company to company, here are four circumstances […]