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Labor Budgeting and Labor Standards

I recently had a client whose procurement team requested that we decrease our travel cost estimate because it exceeded their percentage to services target.  This was a challenge because the project required a great deal of travel to their remote sites.  Since we had little control over travel costs, the natural question was to ask […]

Fix Operations Before Fixing the Labor Hours

Retailers in today’s climate are wrestling with the “right” amount of labor to supply to their stores to drive the experience and returns expected.  This too often becomes a paradox between what stores really need to fulfill the brand promise and what the company can afford. Comparing top down financial labor budgets and bottom up […]

The Good Jobs Strategy Revisted

To drive myself towards continuous learning, I will occasionally revisit my library and re-read a book that I have found impactful… I recently revisited a book I read a while ago titled: The Good Jobs Strategy, by Zeynep Ton. Ton’s primary emphasis of the strategy is to establish a “virtuous cycle” by creating sustainable, good […]

Restaurants Move Toward Labor Precision.

There is a new trend in the restaurant industry that I am particularly excited about; food service is beginning to make the transition into engineered labor models, where traditionally labor has been calculated as a % of sales. Quick service restaurant companies have been working with engineered labor standards (ELS) for some time. Consider that […]

Does 1 Second Really Matter?

Occasionally I have been asked to justify why anyone in retail would need engineered labor standards. The arguments go something like, • “Does one second vs one and a half seconds really make a difference?” • “Most scheduling systems round labor anyway” • “At the end of the day, operators have to schedule to the […]

Store Closing Trends and Operational Opportunities

The convergence of several retail patterns continues to point toward an increased need for operational labor improvements, from retail stores to distribution centers. Retail store closings have been making headlines over the last few weeks.  Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart, and Sears have all announced store closings.   Conversely, the trend for distribution centers appears to be growth; […]

The Labor Impact of Chip Readers

At Connors Group, we have measured the productivity of retail front end operations for years.  Few universal process changes have had the direct impact that payment card chip readers – or the EMV standard have had.  It impacts every piece of the customer transaction, causing significant delays and throughput considerations at the cash wrap.