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Radar Saved The World

Safi Bahcall has an interesting story in his recent book Loonshots about the use of radar in WWII. The allies were losing the fight at sea against the well know U-boats of Germany. They were sinking more boats every month than could be built. As a result, Britain was down to 3 months of oil…and […]

NRF 2020 – “Store Manager Walk”

I’ve been told I walk too fast. I learned this trait running multiple stores over the course of my life. My friends who’ve worked in the trenches of retail call it the “Store Manager Walk”. I walk fast because in a store I had a job to do that required me to be present quickly. […]

Retail 101

My first “real” job was in a retail store: running a register, stocking, cleaning shelves, picking up cigarettes outside. Anything it took to keep the store cleaned and maintained to serve our customers. I quickly rose through the ranks; running the same store at the age of 17 over the summer school break. I had […]

Retail Evolves into Instagram

In a recent press release, Instagram announced the ability to sell products directly through a post. At first, the new functionality will be tested and only available for a select number of brands. If Instagram’s test proves successful and expedites the buying process (which has been proven to increase sales conversions), we could see an […]