Connors Group Introduces Partnership Aimed At Manufacturing Business Improvement


Pittsburgh, PA – CONNORS GROUP, a market leader in productivity improvements through labor and process optimization, is pleased to announce a partnership with PRIMA BUSINESS SPECIALISTS of State College and Pittsburgh, PA. This partnership will create a comprehensive offering aimed at identifying and solving manufacturing business problems.

“Our labor and process optimization efforts and results are the best available” stated John Connors, Chairman of Connors Group. “The addition of PRIMA and their WISDOM ™ components to our lean and productivity improvement capabilities will allow us to offer our manufacturing clients a complete portfolio of services resulting in faster bottom-line results.”

PRIMA recently rolled out WISDOM™ which combines knowledge and experience in: interim executive placement, strategy, its execution, growth, talent acquisition and retention, and new product launches as applied to process dependent businesses.

“The Connors/PRIMA relationship combines extremely capable and proven front and back-end business practices and experiences while delivering this complete solution to the market,” Said Rocco Petrilli, Founder and Managing Partner of PRIMA Business Specialists. “The exit of the Baby Boomers and GenXers from the manufacturing base, combined with the dwindling numbers of the entering generation, creates a void in the necessary knowledge and experience that is vital to business control and success. The Connors/PRIMA partnership provides a ready, effective and affordable solution to this critical issue.”

“The continued resurgence of US based manufacturing is threatened by limits in talent” added Jeff Peretin, President of Connors Group. “The enhanced proficiency of the Connors/PRIMA team provides manufacturing companies with both short and long-term sources for this talent.”

About Connors Group

Connors Group was formed in 2008 with the mission of helping our clients achieve real, measured and sustainable operational improvement.
As a proven management consultancy specializing in workforce performance and productivity improvement, we help our clients achieve long-term operational success through proven methodologies and extensive field experience.
Our qualifications are established both by our satisfied clients and by the personal experience of our consultants. Our founder and executive team were formerly part of HB Maynard, where we developed and delivered a high-value workforce performance model and approach based on a seventy-five-year legacy of productivity management expertise. Connors Group continues that legacy in our work today.

About PRIMA Business Specialists

Founded in 2007, PRIMA Business Specialists LLC is an execution-based business whose sustainable competitive advantage is the rapid delivery of resolutions to its client companies’ problems.
PRIMA has served numerous clients in various industries and markets with services ranging from interim executives to talent acquisition and retention; all whose foundations are based on execution achieved through clarity, KPI measurement and single point accountability.