Click and Collect, BOPIS and Curbside

Click and Collect, BOPIS and Curbside

It’s been two years since Grocery Dive published this article. Chris Kelly, one of our Connors Group Directors is quoted and much of what he said then is still relevant today.


Some Key takeaways that still hold true:

  • Digital retailing is crowded. What once was viewed as a promising new revenue stream, is quickly becoming as complicated as brick-and-mortar.
  • The concerns over labor costs, competition and slim margins are still at the top of Executive’s minds.
  • Convenience for the consumer comes at a price for the supermarket.
  • To move into the black, retailers need to draw in new customers and get existing ones to make more of their purchases with them.
  • Risk eroding the in-store experience e.g. workers crowding the aisles as they pick out products.
  • For consumers loyal to one retailer, e-commerce can encourage them to build bigger baskets by recommending products, running digital ads, saving past orders, among a host of other features.

What personal experiences with Click and Collect, BOPIS and Curbside resonate the most?

Leave your comments/thoughts below.

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John Cilli

Director of Marketing
Director of Marketing for Connors Group
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