We drive efficiency through Operational Excellence.

Best Methods – We analyze and compare your current methods against our industry best practice benchmarks. We facilitate highly participative kaizen events to identify and implement improvements for immediate results.

SOP Compliance – We develop or revise SOPs, based on the established best method procedures, safety requirements, and quality assurance. We train the supervisors, who in turn train the associates for sustainment.

End-to-End Work Flow Design – We use value stream mapping to identify bottlenecks and utilize lean principles to eliminate work flow impediments and increase flow and DC throughput.

Slotting Design – We analyze movement volume data for optimal slotting to reduce travel and congestion while improving throughput.

We optimize Performance through Best-in-Class Engineered Labor standards.

Staffing Level Standards – We develop Engineered Staffing Level Standards to deliver staffing, planning and forecasting standards. Our proprietary approach allows standards to be completed in days, not months. Learn more here.

Engineered Labor Standards for Labor Management Systems (ELS 4 LMS) – We develop Engineered Labor Standards in a variety of work measurement systems to meet the accuracy requirement for individual performance standards . We have worked with the majority of LMS providers and guide our clients through all phases of implementation of a LMS. Learn more here.

We motivate associates through Wage and Incentive Design.

Our incentive design principles are rooted in 85 years of knowledge and experience that provides a win-win for both company and employee. We know when to install incentives to maximize productivity gains and how to fix runaway incentive plans. Most importantly, we understand the people and cultural impact of wage and pay system designs.

We sustain our results through our Performance Management training program.

We firmly believe the success of your program is only as good as the people living and leading it. Our Performance Management training program prepares and transforms your supervisory staff to lead in a high performance engineered labor standards work environment.

Learn more about how we assess your productivity opportunity and your management team’s LMS readiness. We can help identify where to start on your workforce optimization journey.


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