Focal Systems and Connors Group Announce Partnership to Transform Retail Operations

We’ve all been there – you head to the grocery store to pick-up a couple of items and that one item you REALLY wanted isn’t on the shelf.  In the list of frustrations that pain grocery shoppers the most, out-of-stock items is always at the very top.  For grocery retailers, they feel this pain nearly as much as consumers do.  Recent studies show that grocery on-shelf product availability continues to hover in the low 90%’s.  This represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity to the entire grocery industry – the retailers, distributors and manufacturers would all benefit greatly by improving on-shelf product availability.  Even grocers with best-in-class supply chains, workforce scheduling practices, employee training and inventory management systems find themselves battling against on-shelf availability.  Despite all of this technical and analytical horsepower, most grocers can’t crack the on-shelf availability code and the reason for that is simple – grocers don’t know what is actually sitting on their shelves in real-time.  And it is for that reason that we at Connors Group are partnering with Focal Systems and leveraging their focalOS technology to help our grocery customers significantly improve on-shelf availability. 

Read the Press Release here:

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Chris Kelly

Vice President at Connors Group
Chris Kelly, industry thought-leader and Vice President at Connors Group, leverages his deep experience both in retailing and consulting to craft innovative workforce management and store execution solutions for clients. He can be reached at [email protected]
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