How A Digital Workplace Can Relieve Labor Challenges In Warehousing and Distribution

If you’ve ever been to a distribution center where hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees converge at once, you know the hustle and complexity can feel like a small city.    Daily challenges are ever present to the workforce and management. 

Add to the fact that every few months a high percentage of that workforce will be brand new and require onboarding and training, businesses find themselves in an endless cycle and reality of a transient supply chain workforce.

 Ultimately, this type of environment, coupled with the complexity of today’s distribution center, begins to take a toll on the culture and overall productivity of the operation.

But what if there was a better way to engage the workforce and retain top talent? 

Reducing turnover while improving the learning curve can create synergies that begin to unlock the potential of the operation.  Creating a digital workplace to further employee engagement:

  • Creates communities for the hourly associates
  • Provides a communication platform where language barriers are broken down
  • Share SOPs and best practices among the workforce
  • Gamification can be used to motivate and recognize individuals

Additionally, the current state of Covid-19 has created the need to expediate a digital workplace by creating a direct line of communication to the frontline work force.  This is what we are currently seeing amid the pandemic crisis within the supply chain:

  • New workplace safety policies and operational procedures and protocols are being released sometimes daily and can be pushed across the network of distribution centers and warehouses delivering consistent messaging
  • Amazing stories and examples of executives and leaders sending motivational messages and information on health, safety and overall wellness, as well as a general gratitude for the sacrifices of the frontline workforce 
  • The Open Shift Marketplace allowing flexibility in scheduling and shifts as well as availability for open shifts to meet demand.

CLICK TO READ ==> Connors Group and WorkJam partnered to produce a white paper showcasing how a digital workplace can support overall labor and workforce strategies in warehousing and distribution.

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Jonathan Huesdash, industry thought-leader and Director at Connors Group, leverages his deep experience both in distribution and consulting to craft innovative workforce management and execution solutions for clients. He can be reached at [email protected]
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