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    We develop and implement engineered labor standards to achieve tangible results.

Staffing Level Standards

The majority of distribution centers do not have the infrastructure or budget to jump right to Labor Management software. Typically, a first layer of value can be obtained quickly through accurate staffing. Thus, a logical first step for most distribution centers is engineered staffing level standards.

Contrary to benchmarks and historical standards, staffing level standards are engineered to a method. The difference is they typically do not have the robust data feeds required for individual performance standards and therefore can be developed much quicker. Connors Group has streamlined an approach to developing staffing level standards from their extensive industry typical database of individual performance standards. Through a series of questions, data analysis, and DC specific characteristics we can quickly customize our industry standards to reflect your DC’s specific conditions.

This proven approach generates engineered staffing level standards with the +-10-15% accuracy required to drive staffing models and lays the foundation for future individual performance standards.

Job Function ProfileFor a FREE estimate, please download this job function profiler and fill out the information about your DC specific job functions.

Engineered Labor Standards for Labor Management Systems (ELS 4 LMS)

Engineered Labor Standards, designed for individual performance within a robust Labor Management System, is the top goal for best-in-class Distribution operations. These standards require more work to install, but a positive return on investment is typically achieved within the first year. Employee morale is also improved when everyone is held accountable to the same, fair and equitable, performance goals.

We have extensive engineered labor standard databases specific to a variety of distribution industries (eCom, Grocery, Apparel, Auto Parts, Returns, Specialty). This framework allows us to customize and validate specifically to your DC in a much shorter time period, providing value at a much higher rate. Our team is trained in both Predetermined Motion Time Systems (such as MOST, EASE and MSD) and Time Study. We design, develop and implement engineered labor standards and can help guide you on the optimal approach for your facility.

We’ve worked with the following LM systems and can customize our Engineered Labor Standards output to fit any LMS on the market.

Click here for a white paper on Engineered Labor Standards for a LMS Implementation.

Click here for a case study on Implementing a LMS at a children’s apparel distributor.


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