MODEX 2018 RECAP: Solving for the Labor Shortage

The newest supply chain solutions in automation, robotics, machine learning and A.I. were on full display at the industry’s leading supply chain conference. Each year, we continue to be impressed at the pace of the industry and amazed at the newest innovation.

Future Proof your Supply Chain was the main theme of the show and many of our clients were in attendance, actively assessing solutions to address one of the largest challenges that will face the industry…how to solve the impending labor shortage?

Many companies will claim the labor shortage is already here, but by 2030 the shortage will be so large, that some are labeling this as one of the biggest crisis to face every labor-intensive industry (i.e. supply chain, trucking, construction, retailing, fast food, manufacturing, etc.).

The solution seems simple…Just replace the humans with robots, right?

Of course, automation will be a significant part of the solution, but the majority will continue to require labor. The answer for the impending labor shortage will most-likely be a blend of the newest automated solutions along with optimizing the workforce through engineering practices and a sustainable high-performance culture. The one thing that is clear is that companies are shifting how labor if viewed; from once being a controllable cost, to now being one of the most important assets.

So, what are your thoughts?

  • How are you solving for the labor shortage?
  • What extra steps are being done, specifically for peak?
  • How are you engaging, motivating and retaining your workforce?
  • How are you creating a high-performance culture?
  • What gives your workforce a competitive advantage?

We’d love to hear from you!

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Jonathan Huesdash, industry thought-leader and Director at Connors Group, leverages his deep experience both in distribution and consulting to craft innovative workforce management and execution solutions for clients. He can be reached at [email protected]
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