We provide services that improve every aspect of retail operations, and various levels of support to improve operational performance and drive top line sales. Everything starts with the customer. But how much do you really know about your customer’s experience? Understand more about your customer’s store experience than you ever thought possible with our unique, objective approach. We find ways to turn the new insights into a meaningful, fact-based customer experience model that promotes your brand.

Our Expertise Includes: Customer Experience, Store Team Experience, Workforce Management, Operational Improvement, Sales Productivity, Functional Design.


We are experts in Distribution Center productivity. Our DC labor expertise is comprehensive, and we have a strong track record of results. We carefully analyze your needs and determine the best solutions to optimize your facilities. We focus on the details that matter. Our solutions apply at all levels of systems and technology. We partner with our clients to make immediate improvements and drive cost reduction.

Our Expertise Includes: Engineered Labor Standards, Slotting Design, Incentive Systems, Supply Chain Costing, Hourly Wage Incentives.


Our proven approach has roots in Industrial Engineering and Lean Manufacturing, and applies equally across the supply chain. We get results through proven Workforce Performance and Business Process Improvement methodology, along with a continuous focus on cultural support for change within your organization.

Our Expertise Includes: Lean Manufacturing, Engineered Labor Standards, Line Balancing, and Continuous Improvement.


We excel in providing engineered solutions that drive improved outcomes for healthcare and related organizations.

Our consultants and partners have decades of industry-related experience that have assisted hospitals, surgery centers, medical manufacturers and insurers improve patient experience, internal processes and profitability.

Our Expertise Includes: Centralized Instrument Sterilization Process Improvement, Lean/Value Stream to Eliminate Waste, Front office/Administrative Work Reduction, Claims Processing Standards, Capacity Planning, Insurance Claims Call Center

Restaurant and Hospitality

We deliver tangible results to the ever-evolving Restaurant and Hospitality industry. Our proven strategies and deep industry knowledge improve efficiencies and outcomes across the value chain.

New technology and an increased focus on customer experience is transforming this industry and driving the need for agility and growth.

Our Expertise Includes: Seat Utilization, Restaurant Space Planning, Labor Optimization, Safety Initiatives/Training, Technology


Our Industrial Engineers excel in providing a depth of services to the Construction Industry. Throughout the entire lifecycle of complex construction projects, we adapt our Lean Manufacturing Principals to deliver solutions that minimize waste of materials, time and effort.

Our Expertise Includes: Labor Optimization and Management, Safety Initiatives/Training, Technology

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