Sales are the ultimate measure of store success. We partner with our Retail clients to improve operational performance and drive top line sales. Everything starts and ends with the customer, but how much do you really know about your customer’s experience? Understand more about your customer’s store experience than you ever thought possible with our unique, objective approach. We help you turn the new insights into a meaningful, fact-based customer experience model that promotes your brand. We help you drive process improvement to shift labor from task to customer service and selling. Our approach is people-centric, and focused on providing the data, systems, tool and training to allow store teams to succeed.

Our Expertise Includes: Customer Experience, Store Team Experience, Store Labor Management, Engineered Labor Standards, Operational and Process Improvement, Selling Productivity, Store Space Design, Functional Design and Workflow, and Integration of Workforce Management Technology including Time and Attendance, Workforce Scheduling, and Task Management.


Productivity is the key to success. We are the proven experts in Distribution Center productivity. Our DC labor expertise is comprehensive, and we have a strong track record of results. We carefully analyze your needs and determine the best solutions to optimize your facilities. We focus on the details that matter. Our solutions apply at all levels of systems and technology. We focus on developing the skills of DC staff for lasting success in productivity management. We partner with our clients to make immediate improvements and drive cost reduction.

Our Expertise Includes: Engineered Labor Standards, Performance Management, Hourly Wage Incentives, Warehouse and Slotting Design, Supply Chain Costing and the Implementation of Technology for Labor Management.


Everything should be designed around the needs of the patient. We excel at providing engineered solutions that drive improved outcomes for Healthcare and related organizations. We know Lean Healthcare, and how to implement Lean principles for the improvement of complex systems such as patient care. We focus on mistake-proofing processes to improve patient outcomes, and on processes efficiency to reduce the cost of services and allow professionals to spend more time on patient care. Our consultants and partners have decades of industry-related experience that have assisted hospitals, surgery centers, pharmacies, and insurers to improve patient experience, internal processes and profitability.

Our Expertise Includes: LEAN Healthcare, Patient Experience and Outcomes, Process Improvement, Engineered Staffing, and Workforce Management Technology Implementation

Restaurant and Hospitality

Cost pressures and the competitive landscape are ongoing challenges. Your competitive advantage is the ability to optimize the blend of customer service and cost. We have the expertise to help. We measure and improve tasks and processes to optimize your labor investment. We design facilities and space for optimal customer experience, customer flow, and staff productivity. We bring a fresh perspective, expertise, and a people-centric approach to solving problems is ways that you might not have considered.

Our Expertise Includes: Labor Optimization, Table and Seat Utilization, Space Planning, Kitchen Design, Process Improvement, and Speed of Service/Throughput Improvement.


Lean is still the answer to manufacturing success. Our proven approach has roots in traditional Industrial Engineering and LEAN Manufacturing. We get results through proven Workforce Performance and Business Process Improvement methodology, along with a continuous focus on cultural support for change. We have the expertise to assist with any size initiative, from training and guidance, to Kaizen facilitation, to whole-plant flow design and implementation. We focus on partnering with your team on all levels of your organization to bring lasting improvement.

Our Expertise Includes: Lean Manufacturing, Engineered Labor Standards, Flow Design, Line Balancing, Cost Reduction, Continuous Improvement, and Standard Costing.


There is a deficit of innovation in the industry. The long-term winners will be those who successfully innovate and apply technology to improve both construction processes and supporting business processes. We can help. Our Industrial Engineers are experts in process innovation, and the data systems to accurately understand and measure costs both before and during construction. We can help you quickly develop the data to accurately estimate labor costs for job costing and subcontractor negotiation, and help you manage projects against accurate cost standards. We apply LEAN methodology to help you discover hidden process and cost improvements. We work directly with your field and support staff to get results.

Our Expertise Includes: Cost Estimating Standards, Labor Optimization, Process Improvement, LEAN Construction, Staffing and Scheduling.