LMS implementations are cultural transformations that fundamentally change the way the workforce is measured and how the operation is managed. We differentiate ourselves in Labor Management by taking a people centric approach to implementation that involves all level of the organization; from the hourly associates to supervisors and executives. To ensure results are achieved and sustained, we lead clients through entire change management process from up front design, branding, communication, training and implementation strategy.


Today’s distribution center supervisor needs to be able to dynamically lead, understand IT systems, interpret results, root cause analyze variances, and effectively coach. Our OPTIMIZE Performance Management training provides the skills needed to succeed and to OPTIMIZE workforce performance


The foundation of any Labor Management program begins with an optimal technical design of how the LMS will be configured in order to achieve your end results. Our extensive technical engineering expertise allows us to design your Labor Management system with the right level of accuracy and detail without over-complicating the configuration and reporting requirements.

We set the Performance Expectations using our industry leading software, LABORPRO™, to quickly develop accurate, specific engineered labor standards that imports directly into your LMS. We validate our results with the Operations team to ensure they are bought-in to the fair and achievable performance expectations set for their workforce.

Our efficiency on the technical design ensures you spend more time and resources on the change management and implementation where the results of the program are realized.

We proudly partner with the following leading Labor Management Systems.