Lean Manufacturing holds the promise of substantial waste elimination, but many companies have fallen short in their implementations, often due to a misunderstanding of the Lean process and the discipline required for success. There is no shortage of waste in contemporary manufacturing – the key is to use a process that works and that can be sustained. Our manufacturing consultants are experienced in both Lean Manufacturing and classical Industrial Engineering techniques and disciplines. Our experience is that this combination of skills is required to achieve sustainable improvement. The overall focus of our manufacturing work is to improve workforce performance by eliminating the waste and focusing the workforce on customer-demanded, value-added activities.


The ‘tried and true’ tools are still important. We use a combination of the latest technology and proven tools, including predetermined motion time systems, to develop engineered labor standards. The most successful manufacturing companies understand the need for labor standards, and use them in many facets of their business. We help our clients develop accurate, easy-to-maintain standards, and labor reporting systems designed to optimize their labor investment.


Whether it is a simple assembly line, or a complex automotive or truck assembly process requiring a manufacturing execution system (MES), we understand the challenges and the importance of getting the process and the labor balance right. We work with our clients not just to quantify and balance the labor demand, but to remove bottlenecks, solve problems, and achieve real process improvement. The concept of a balanced process is foundational, and we apply it to our thinking in all of our process design and improvement work.


Our senior manufacturing consultants understand the challenges you deal with every day. They will work closely with you and your team to develop a CI process that works for you. Ours is a ‘no fluff’ approach. We don’t ask you to spend endless time developing plans and written materials – we roll up our sleeves in the shop with your people and get results. We focus on broad involvement, clear expectations, and measurable, sustainable results. Throughout the process, we help you keep your eye on the goal – to develop a culture of ongoing Continuous Improvement.