Everything starts with the customer. But how much do you really know about your customer’s experience? Understand more about your customer’s store experience than you ever thought possible with our unique, objective approach. We find ways to turn the new insights into a meaningful, fact-based customer experience model that promotes your brand and drives sales.


Understanding the customer experience is only half the story…

Find out how store team members are spending their time, how they’re interacting with customers, and ways to improve both. Most importantly, learn how store team behaviors impact time in store, conversion rates, and units per transaction.


From labor standards to payroll modeling, we help retailers develop and implement a comprehensive labor management strategy. Regardless of your approach to payroll management and scheduling, we can help you optimize your labor budget, achieve the optimal home office and field leadership organization structures to support your business and the customer experience, and to optimize your investment in workforce management systems.


Our experience in operational best practices, method and process improvement, and work design provide significant payroll reductions or redeployments and a consistent employee and customer experience. We develop flexible store operations improvement approaches that best fit your needs and goals. We quickly identify and prioritize key opportunities and can lead pilots and full implementations for any aspect of store operations.


We are simply the best in the industry at understanding labor and measuring work activities accurately. We use proven tools and techniques, combined with the latest technology to develop accurate, easy-to-maintain engineered labor standards. We focus on what matters and we develop a deep understanding of your key business drivers to provide the best labor standards available to meet the needs of your business.


We determine the right space allocation and inventory levels for stores based on sales productivity and capacity modeling, supply chain analysis, and inventory analysis. We study customer flow and fixture productivity to optimize sales productivity. We understand your business and develop recommendations based on sound data to help you drive sales in every store, every day.


All retailers understand the importance of store design and the cost of real estate, but winning retailers understand the importance of an engineered store design. We help our clients maximize operational productivity with a solid, engineered approach to non-sales store design that reduces motion to run a store. We use empirical data from your stores to optimize backroom size, layout and flow, register counts, customer queue design, and all other non-selling aspects of the store.