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Let’s face it, managing a business is no walk in the park. Between fluctuating markets, buyer uncertainty and an increasing focus on efficiency and return on investment, it’s easy to throw up your hands in frustration wondering where you should start. Here at the Connors Group, we’re all about helping our clients achieve real, measureable and sustainable operational successes through proven, results-driven programs created and delivered by our expert team of consultants. We help companies improve the way they do business—whether focused on customer experience, distribution planning or engineered labor standards.

Our team uses extensive field experience to help clients succeed, and now, we’re bringing that expertise right to our blog, “High Performance.” In addition to me, our blog authors represent an elite group of industry veterans who are eager to share their experience and expertise.

  • Jeff Peretin, Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence: Jeff is a Connors Group leader who partners with companies to drive operational excellence and improve customer experience.
  • Patrick O’Leary, Vice President: Patrick is an engineering and technology expert. He works with clients to leverage his consulting and industry experience in the pursuit of operational excellence.
  • Shawn Roche, Vice President: Shawn, focused on continuous improvement, connects with clients to share his expertise of lean principles to eliminate waste and improve the customer experience.

We’ll share our insider’s view on creating efficiencies for the entire supply chain, with specific focus on retail, manufacturing and distribution verticals. We want “High Performance” readers to achieve business success and we plan to help by answering questions, reporting on emerging trends and offering helpful tips.

As with everything we do, feedback is always appreciated. If you have any questions or thoughts on future posts, feel free to give us a shout in the comments section.

John Connors, President, High Performance Workforce, President

John Connors, a workforce performance veteran and expert, founded Connors Group in 2008 to assist companies in developing a high performance organization. He can be reached at [email protected]

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